For the month of December, we here at #AndCo want to give our clients the spotlight. Each of us – Amanda, Emily, Sydnie and Courtney – have chosen one client to feature each week of the month to dig a little deeper into what made them who they are and what social media has done for their brand. For the third week, Sydnie has chosen to feature Hi*Rise Bakery, a Denver bakery that has been boiling and baking the freshest baked goods in the Lower Downtown neighborhood since 2009. Doug (the owner) started his business at a time when the US economy was bad but the possibilities on Larimer Street were good. Doug and his team are self-proclaimed ‘bread nerds’ and believe that fresh bread is better bread (And honestly, who doesn’t?) If you know McLernon & Co., you know that we love to shop and eat local and that’s exactly why we love Hi*Rise.


When did you get started?

When our second child was born my wife and I decided we wanted to keep them out of daycare, so I got an early morning job baking bagels in Boulder. I was home by 7AM and my wife continued to work days. The business hooked me hard and I’ve been in it almost continually ever since – more than 20 years now. I’m an early morning person so it suits me, plus I love the challenge of making our products as well and as quickly as I can every day.


What do you love about being in business for yourself?

I love hearing customers tell me how much they enjoyed what they ordered. I love the camaraderie around doing hard work – when we take on a big, scary task and everyone knows their position and works to get it done. I love being in an elevator with bags full of food and someone says “I love Hi*Rise”. It makes the hard days worthwhile.


What do you love about your customers?

If I could spend all day in our dining room with our customers, I would. Everyone has unique lives, one of a kind jobs and more stories than I can count! One is a semi-pro bicycle racer, one is a retired lighting sales person, one is a trans former Marine, so many funny little kids and people who have moved here from other places – an incredible array of people come through our doors every day. And it’s an honor that they choose to spend time and eat with us.


How does social media impact your business?

Social media keeps two way communication open with our customers that is like nothing else. I can tell people we have gift cards for sale, but at the same time I see pictures of the new garden our neighbor planted or real-time photos of people on vacation. It keeps me up on local events, industry news, new products, so many things. And the important part is the word “social”. It’s a two way street, and without the back-and-forth it provides it’s just somebody’s online photo album. It’s like they say at McLernon & Co., you’ve got to keep social media social.


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Instagram: @hirisebakery and Facebook: Hi*Rise