Amanda McLernon
Owner & Social Media Strategist
Denver, Colorado

I’m an entrepreneur who thrives on helping your business understand, grow and see revenue from its social media accounts. I’m not boring. I’m not corporate.

I’m honest, vibrant, confident and high-energy.

If you check out my ‘gram, you’ll see photos of me working with clients to create real, honest social media connections. I’ve got an iPhone in each hand (#seriously), and I’m ready to bring it for your business.

I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies and premier advertising agencies as a digital media strategist to create meaningful campaigns. Then, I started McLernon & Co. to focus exclusively on making my client’s dreams a reality with social media. I focus on sales and business development, and work with individual accounts behind the scenes, supporting the rest of the #AndCo. So, give me a call or an email, and let’s start working together to #keepsocialmediasocial.

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Emily Klipp
Partner, Social Media Strategist
Denver, Colorado

I’m a true expert in strategy and campaign execution for all social media platforms.

I’ve worked with small and big companies, startups and established corporations, five-person teams and 250-person organizations.

Creating, developing and executing social strategies for fashion, ecommerce, coffee and food brands is my jam (and butter and bread). I love social media because I use it to connect with people, get creative and share my experiences across time and space. At McLernon & Co., you can find me working with clients day in and day out, making sure our team delivers results. I’m best known on the #AndCo team for managing and systemizing, crossing T’s and dotting I’s and my stellar photography and editing skills.

Drew Kachurak
Paid Advertising Manager
Reno, Nevada

I’m passionate about the psychology behind the choices people make, especially online.

For the past 10 years, I’ve worked with clients to help them with their digital marketing, including managing sales funnels, landing pages, PPC and social ads. After working with advertising budgets that topped seven figures, I switched gears to focus on small businesses and lead generation.

When you work with the #AndCo, I apply the corporate strategies the big companies use and scale them for your business to produce the results you want.

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Sydnie Fenner
Social Media Account Manager
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

I’m the first #AndCo and a Jane of all trades who connects the team and clients.

From account management, to content creation and engagement, to email marketing, I do it all.

I love developing processes that improve efficiency and effectiveness, be it for McLernon & Co. or our clients. And I love it even more when I can take those management skills and use them to help our clients rock their social media accounts.

If you start working with McLernon & Co. for social media management services, you’ll probably work 1:1 with me.

Courtney Judd
Social Account Coordinator
Reno, Nevada

I love working with the #AndCo because we share a common philosophy to #keepsocialmediasocial.
My specialties include communications and content creation.

As your social account coordinator, I’m focused on creating and maintaining a strong online presence for your company. To do that, I research audiences, discover trends,
creating engaging content and designing posts create a buzz.

I’m also the #AndCo boots on the ground in Reno. So if you’re in the Biggest Little City, let’s grab a cup of coffee.