If you’re struggling to figure the social media world out, don’t worry, the #AndCo team has been there, done that and we’re ready to put our creative strategies to work for you. Since our 2016 inception in Reno, NV, owner Amanda McLernon has put the social back in social media with our philosophy of #keepsocialmediasocial.

We’ve come a long way since then – taking on Emily Klipp as a strategic business partner, expanding to Denver, CO, and adding a few more team members. Our curated team of social media (obsessed) experts is ready to make your brand flourish in the online space. If you’re looking for an agency that’s going to pour blood, sweat, and tears (happy ones!) into your social media strategy, let’s chat.

We don’t currently have any positions open, but would still love to hear from you. Email us your resume at

Amanda McLernon
Owner & Social Media Strategist
Denver, Colorado

I’m an entrepreneur who thrives on helping your business understand, grow and see revenue from its social media accounts. I’m not boring. I’m not corporate.

I’m honest, vibrant, confident and high-energy.

If you check out my ‘gram, you’ll see photos of me working with clients to create real, honest social media connections. I’ve got an iPhone in each hand (#seriously), and I’m ready to bring it for your business.

I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies and premier advertising agencies as a digital media strategist to create meaningful campaigns. Then, I started McLernon & Co. to focus exclusively on making my client’s dreams a reality with social media. I focus on sales and business development, and work with individual accounts behind the scenes, supporting the rest of the #AndCo. So, give me a call or an email, and let’s start working together to #keepsocialmediasocial.

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Emily Klipp
Partner, Social Media Strategist
Denver, Colorado

I’m a true expert in strategy and campaign execution for all social media platforms.

I’ve worked with small and big companies, startups and established corporations, five-person teams and 250-person organizations.

Creating, developing and executing social strategies for fashion, ecommerce, coffee and food brands is my jam (and butter and bread). I love social media because I use it to connect with people, get creative and share my experiences across time and space. At McLernon & Co., you can find me working with clients day in and day out, making sure our team delivers results. I’m best known on the #AndCo team for managing and systemizing, crossing T’s and dotting I’s and my stellar photography and editing skills.

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Sydnie Fenner
Account Manager
Denver, Colorado

I’m the first #AndCo and a Jane of all trades who connects the team and clients.

From account management, to content creation and engagement, to email marketing, I do it all.

I love developing processes that improve efficiency and effectiveness, be it for McLernon & Co. or our clients. And I love it even more when I can take those management skills and use them to help our clients rock their social media accounts.

If you start working with McLernon & Co. for social media management services, you’ll probably work 1:1 with me.

Courtney Judd
Account Manager
Reno, Nevada

I love working with the #AndCo because we share a common philosophy to #keepsocialmediasocial.
My specialties include communications and content creation.

As your social account coordinator, I’m focused on creating and maintaining a strong online presence for your company. To do that, I research audiences, discover trends, and create and design engaging content that generates buzz.

I’m also the #AndCo boots on the ground in Reno. So if you’re in the Biggest Little City, let’s grab a cup of coffee.

Danielle Noe
Paid Ads Manager
Knoxville, TN

I’m a self-proclaimed social media nerd with a knack for finding the right audience and making your ads POP!

I love working with clients to strategize unique paid campaigns, geotargeting to find the perfect audience, and always staying one step ahead of the curve with attention-grabbing advertisements that convert! At #AndCo, we’re all about trying new things… From vibrant Instagram Stories Ads, to multi-tiered Facebook funnels, and scroll stopping Boosted Posts that all perfectly capture your brand, we’re here to help you and implement every step of the way!

Madison Martin
Digital Strategist
Denver, CO

Tacos, puppies, social media—those are those are a few of my favorite things.

I’m a well-seasoned digital marketer with a strong background in social media. My prior work experiences have been both brand-side and in agency settings for large brands and small businesses alike. You know you’re in the right field when work doesn’t feel like work, right? I’ve also worked on side projects that include teaching social media strategy to new marketers, speaking at marketing events, and co-founding a women in marketing group here in Denver called Marketing Mavens.

As a Digital Strategist for McLernon & Co, I utilize my experience in both organic and paid social media strategy to work one-on-one with clients to fully understand their business needs and strategize the right social media plan to meet their goals.

Business Development
Denver, CO

I’m an east coast native who has moved farther west over the years, finally landing in Denver to take advantage of Colorado’s year-round adventures. It’s easy to find me skiing up in Breckenridge, or catching a concert at Red Rocks during the warmer months.

Prior to landing in Denver, I worked in the sports industry with the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks, and most recently the Chicago Fire. Working in sponsorships, I helped brands creatively engage fans through activations, digital platforms, and community events.

I thrive on bringing ideas to life, and as a member of the #AndCo team, I get to connect brands and people through the exciting and ever-changing medium of social media. If you’re looking to work with us for your social media strategy, I look forward to talking with you soon!