McLernon & Co. is looking for a full-time digital strategist. Within our agency, this position would be focused on social media strategy, daily communication with 15-20 clients and managing each scope of work. This person will own and drive momentum for all day-to-day deliverables as the primary external contact for projects and/or retainers. The digital strategist will also coordinate with clients, content creators and the company owners to achieve and implement the social media goals and strategies.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Strategize social media plans and pitch ideas, plans and budgets to clients
  • Manage & retain clients with developed plans and initiatives
  • Provide daily/weekly communication with clients via email and phone
  • Build organizational processes that keep you and content creators on track
  • Keep projects moving and is responsible for project completion
  • Manage client expectations
  • Confirm weekly that client scopes are being fulfilled
  • Manage internal processes for content creation
  • Have daily communication with content creators who are fulfilling on content, influencers, paid ads, engagement etc.
  • Analyze, review and handle all reporting for clients in conjunction with our reporting software

Skills: Excellent planning and organization skills, proven client management, superb verbal and written communication skills, solid business management, and effective problem-solving skills. The digital strategist should also have an in-depth knowledge of and love for social media and must possess leadership and strategic thinking qualities. 4-8 years of experience.

Tasks: Managing multiple social media retainers at a time, overseeing every detail of the project from planning to reporting. This position will be developing social media strategies for new clients and maintaining existing ones, they will be coordinating with team members and acting as a link between the client and the McLernon & Co. team.

Why McLernon & Co. Founded 2 years ago, McLernon & Co. is a fast growing agency based in Denver, Colorado. From just 2016 to 2018 our team, sales, and revenue have had explosive growth and we have continued to grow in our clientele month over month. Our growing team is looking for a full-time employee who is obsessed with the startup culture, committed to personal and professional development, and is passionate about social media. Our team members are offered unlimited vacation, paid birthdays, the ability to work remote, and sponsored networking opportunities, events, and seminars. We are committed to a company culture where every individual looks forward to coming to work each day, even Mondays. We love what we do, we love the people we work with, and we love the clients we get to do what we love for.

Company Values: #KeepSocialMediaSocial is the mission, mantra and value system that our social media agency, McLernon & Co., was founded on. As a social media agency, we feel we have a responsibility to encourage and support the positive communities that can stem from social media. We also believe that we need to champion and utilize positive social media tactics while condemning techniques that are inauthentic. More than anything, #KeepSocialMediaSocial means we focus on the final word in that hashtag: Social. Being social comes from creating authentic connections and engagement with an audience, not just counting the number of followers an account has.

To apply, please send your cover letter (make sure to tell us why you love social media!) and resume to