McLernon & Co. offers social marketing packages specifically designed to fit your organization’s needs. Because we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, we customize services and prices to meet your organization’s needs and budget. Interested in working together? Contact us


Full-Service Social Media Management Services

Don’t worry about developing and managing a social media strategy that builds real connections all on your own—we got this. Put McLernon & Co. in charge of your visual, content-centric brand’s social media with this exclusive package. Our team of social media gurus becomes fully integrated with your organization. Together, we’ll create a social media strategy that fits your personality and goals. To connect with your ideal customer, we manage your social media channels on the regular. We create posts, interact with your fans and build connections that grow your brand. Available on an annual contract basis, full-service social media management extends your organization’s resources and reach.

Social Media Education And Consulting

Go ahead and search “how to do social media”, we’ll wait. What’d you find? More than 197,000,000 results? Yeah, that’s a lot of pages to read to get some training on social media marketing. So, you could spend the rest of your life reading every result, or you could hire McLernon & Co. for social media education, training and consulting. With this hourly service, we train and educate your organization on specific social media outlets, strategies, management techniques and more. Available for all types of organizations (great for non-profits!), groups and 1:1 sessions.

Social Media Management For Events

We love using social media at events to create excitement and engagement! When you hire our team to manage the social media for your event, we’re with you before, during and after to create meaningful connections with the key players and audiences. We also help you drive specific tactical initiatives such as ticket sales, revenue goals, attendance and other metrics. With this package, your organization gets all the benefits of our full-service social media management services specifically geared to your event. That’s 100% support and service for social media so that your team spends less time Googling “how to use social media to promote an event” and can focus on actually managing the event.


With engagement services, you publish the social media posts and we interact with your users to boost engagement and reach new followers. This package is the best if you need to support a concentrated effort to kick off an event or launch, or to increase sales or account growth during a specific time period.

Social Media Strategy Services

You’ve got the resources, but you need the plan — and that’s where McLernon & Co. comes in. We work with your organization’s internal resources to create a social media engagement strategy that your team implements. After we create the plan, we’ll provide social media education for your team and best practices. With this package, your organization will get a strategic social media marketing plan to build real connections with your ideal customer. Available on a frequency basis to support your organization.

Pick Our Brain

Have questions on starting a business, how to move forward with social media or the strategy behind your marketing? Schedule time with Amanda or Emily for office hours. We’d love to grab coffee and answers your questions!